About Master Faxiang Hou

Master Faxiang Hou is the founder of Nature Phoenix and the director of the Qigong Research Society, located in Manhattan, New York and Mount Laurel, New Jersey. In 24 years, Master Hou has treated over a thousand patients by using QiGong Energy Healing, a medical art that originated several thousand years ago in China.

With his success in curing people through Herbal Medicine and QiGong Energy Healing, his reputation continued to grow world-wide. He provides Qigong Energy Healing for a wide array of conditions, diseases, and ailments. He has also collaborated on several research projects using QiGong with prominent Universities in the US. 

Nature Phoenix Inspiration: 

 In 2000, a patient with skin cancer came to visit Master Hou at his clinic. She believed that the commercial skin care product she was using may have contributed to her skin cancer. Most of the commercial cosmetic products are made of chemicals, which can enter people’s blood through the skin. After their conversation, Master Hou was inspired to revive an ancient herbal skin care formula. According to his mother, his family was the keeper of a formula given to a Ming Dynasty Empress by a royal cook.

In 2015, after many years of experimentation, Master Faxiang Hou made these  ancient botanical formulas available to the public. He named the products Nature Phoenix. The Phoenix is a symbol for rebirth in Chinese mythology.  

For more information about Master Hou and the QiGong Research Society visit: www.qigongresearchsociety.com