Unleashing The Power of Food: Recipes to Heal By

Unleashing The Power of Food: Recipes to Heal By

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One of China's greatest healing Masters reveals his powerful Chinese food cures in this unique cookbook. Containing over 200 of Master FaXiang Hou's personal, never before published, curative recipes this cookbook targets today's most pressing health issues with specific nutritional advice. Master Hou, revered in Asia and a living Master of a 2,500-year-old healing science, reveals how to unlock the life-giving power of foods.

Trying to drop a few extra pounds? Try Master Hou’s scrumptious Scallop Fried Rice, a steaming bowl of Kelp Egg Drop Soup, or any of over three-dozen other traditional Chinese recipes and watch the pounds melt away.

Fighting a history of high blood pressure or heart disease? Snack on a tasty dish of Chinese Cabbage and Mushrooms or enjoy a savory dish of Seared Beef with Turnip and you might be able to avoid ever having to take side-effect laden drugs or going under the surgeons knife.

Are you are a loved one suffering from cancer or trying to avoid this killer? Take the upper-hand with one of Master Hou’s specially designed therapeutic meals like a tender and flaky Fish Fillet with Garlic and Ginger Cucumbers.

This softbound book is packed with over 350 pages of tasty healing recipes, helpful meal plans, and informative guides. You can literally eat your way free of pain and disease while enjoying delicious mouthwatering meals your entire family will appreciate.