An Interview by Dr. Fleischman

On, Aug 29, 2015, Dr. Keith Fleischman of Wellness on Wall interviewed Master Faxiang Hou on Nature Phoenix Skin Care product.
Dr. Fleischman: Being a well established and successful Master of Chinese QiGong healing, why have you chosen to begin making a skin care product.?
Master Faxiang Hou: I have been engaged in natural therapy practices since I was 13 years old.  I have taught people how to fight disease and maintain their health by practicing an exercise form which includes breathing practices, mental focus and slow moving exercises as well as maintaining a healthy diet.

Some of my patients have suffered facial skin damage due to long term use of some chemical cosmetic products.  I wanted to change their cosmetic use habits with a natural product. In 2000 , I remembered the skin care product used by my mother.  According to her the formula was used by the royal families for hundreds of years. After many years of careful research and with the help of modern technology, I made this product and recommended it to my patients. The results have been amazing and the users were very satisfied.
Dr. Fleischman:  What is the difference between your product and other serum products currently being marketed?
Master Faxiang Hou: Our product is 100% natural and the vast majority of the ingredients are organic.  Not only can the product be used on the skin, it is pure enough to be edible.The product naturally slows the aging of the skin and keeps it looking younger. Using it will not damage the skin in any way. The difference between Nature Phoenix and  many other serum products on the market is many of them are mainly of chemical extraction.
Dr. Fleischman:   What are the advantages of using your skin serum?
Master Faxiang Hou: The Nature Phoenix Serum is rapidly absorbed by the skin. It locks nutrition and moisture into the skin.  It is effective for any skin type, including dry or oily skin. People can see visible results within a few minutes of application.  After a few weeks of use facial skin has been significantly improved. Fine wrinkles are significantly reduced and enlarged pores decreased.  Long term use of this serum can delay aging of the skin and provide a more youthful appearance.
Dr. Fleischman: Since you are using all natural ingredients, how does this product remain fresh?
Master Faxiang Hou: Since all of the ingredients are natural we add Leucidal Liquid, an all natural preservative extracted from radish to maintain the freshness. This preservative was suggested to us by Dr. Cindy Jones, a cosmetic Lab Doctor to keep all of the ingredients natural.So far it has worked very well.
Dr. Fleischman: What are the major ingredients in your serum? 
Master Faxiang Hou: The major ingredients are Flax seed, Chia seed, Ginseng root extract and Pearl powder. The Flax and Chia seeds are organic and we use the best Pearl powder and Ginseng available.  They are all natural.
Dr. Fleischman:  Who were the first users of your serum and and how did they like it?
Master Faxiang Hou: I initially gave it to my friends and patients to try.  They loved it and suggeted that I make this product available to everyone.
Dr. Fleischman:  Why is your serum called Nature Phoenix?
Master Faxiang Hou: I had many suggestions of names for this product, including the use of my family name or my mothers' name.  Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth.  In China Phoenix is also a symbol of wealth and good fortune.  In the Royal family Phoenix was the title of the Queen. This product was used by the ancient Chinese court. So we chose the name Nature Phoenix.
In a crowded cosmetic market, with many products actually damaging the skin,we felt there was a place for this product to repair the skin damage.
Dr. Fleischman:  How is your product used for best results?
Master Faxiang Hou: There are directions on every product label and Nature Phoenix should be used in accordance with the directions for the best result.
Dr. Fleischman:   Are you developing other skin care products, at this time?
Master Faxiang Hou: Yes, I am developing a number of follow-up products including a toner and sunscreen.

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