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Yoga Instructor Recommends us on HuffingtonPost

        The HuffingtonPost: The Best Yoga Clothes And Beauty, According To An Instructor Julee WilsonSenior Fashion Editor, The Huffington Post Posted: 09/10/2015 11:30 AM EDT | Edited: 09/10/2015 11:31 AM EDT If you've been wanting to perfect your downward-facing dog, now is the perfect time -- September is National Yoga Month.  Thanks to their zen disposition and laid back style, we consider yogis a source of awesome inspiration. So in celebration of this month we decided to profile a few of our favorite yogis and get the rundown on their must-have fashion and beauty picks. Today we're profiling the amazing Melissa French. Name: Melissa FrenchAge: 36Location: Harlem, New York Yoga practice: French has been practicing yoga since 1999...

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An Interview by Dr. Fleischman

On, Aug 29, 2015, Dr. Keith Fleischman of Wellness on Wall interviewed Master Faxiang Hou on Nature Phoenix Skin Care product. Dr. Fleischman: Being a well established and successful Master of Chinese QiGong healing, why have you chosen to begin making a skin care product.? Master Faxiang Hou: I have been engaged in natural therapy practices since I was 13 years old.  I have taught people how to fight disease and maintain their health by practicing an exercise form which includes breathing practices, mental focus and slow moving exercises as well as maintaining a healthy diet. Some of my patients have suffered facial skin damage due to long term use of some chemical cosmetic products.  I wanted to change their cosmetic...

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